I graduated from McMaster University with a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, although my passion for the treatment of sports injuries began at an early age. A former athlete myself and an avid runner and rock climber, I can appreciate the need for effective treatment of injuries. Through a combination of formal education and personal experience, I strongly believe in preventative athletic care and physical maintenance through the evaluation and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. It’s this passion that encourages me to continue learning everything I possibly can to place myself at the top of my field.

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Armed with university certification, continuing education, and practical clinical and volunteer experience, I am dedicated to optimizing the functioning of the neuromusculoskeletal system and improving physical performance. My hands-on experience has taught me how to effectively treat immediate pain and also to understand how to identify and correct the underlying cause of an injury. This understanding is vital to ensuring a full resolution of issues and decreasing the likelihood of reoccurring injury. Instilling good health and fitness habits is an essential part of the service I provide to my clients.


I work with motivated athletes and active people who understand the significance of the hard work, time and effort required to be an active participant in their recovery and ongoing physical maintenance. My clients understand the importance of achieving a high level of competence in their active pursuits that allows them to tackle athletic challenges head-on and safely. Good health and physical fitness are among their top priorities.

Together, we work at understanding how to manage pain and ensure that the correct measures are taken to maintain top physical condition through regular maintenance. Focus is placed on immediate, objective and clinically relevant results through an increase in range of motion, improvement in soft tissue texture, normalization of joint mechanics, improved functional ability and decreased pain and sensitivity. We work together to establish tailored solutions that fit specifically to each individual’s lifestyle, physical abilities and level of performance. My clients understand that the positive effects of maintaining their top level of physical performance is are as important to other aspects of their lives as they are to their athletic performance.

Physiotherapy is covered by most extended health benefit plans. To find out how physiotherapy can help you, visit theĀ Canadian Physiotherapy Association website.


Getting the best results from physiotherapy takes work. While it’s crucial to engage fully in any recommended therapy or exercise, it’s also important to have an understanding of the condition being treated to understand why recommendations are being made and to ensure that you stick to the suggested treatment.



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